So I broke the sabbath today and went to the Yellowcard/Something Corporate show. I think its ok since yesterday was half-Sunday, too, what with the whole conference thing. The show was great. I got to sit in the adult section, ’cause I’m a big kid, and I have to tell all of you lil’ kids, that the view is a lot better from up there. I know you think its lame ’cause you don’t get to mosh, but seriously, would you rather see the band or push each other? Anyway, I’m glad its only for the big kids ’cause otherwise there wouldn’t be room for me and I wouldn’t feel like I had an unfair advantage anymore. The opener was this killer band from New Zealand called Steriogram. I think they might be my new favorite. I get new favorites a lot. I also decided that all I really need in life is a punk rock princess.