Ok, I understand that it’s a pretty cool technology to be able to have these wireless devices. I even think a wireless hands-free headset is a good idea. But that’s not really the problem is it? If you’re on the phone, fine, but if you’re not actually talking on the phone, take the stupid thing out of your ear. Don’t you know that you look like a moron? I don’t walk around holding a phone up to my ear all day long just in case I get a phone call, so take your stupid phone out of your ear when you’re not using it.

Where did this tradition come from anyway? Did the inventor of these headsets tell everyone that it would be cool if they just wore them all day long? Because that was a lie. It’s not cool. You don’t look cool and we’re not impressed by you. It’s not like driving around in your Porsche to show off that you’re successful. It’s more like wearing a high-tech pocket protector. So seriously. Just stop it.