For starters, it’s not a mobile post. I’m at home sitting at my desk. I’m just sticking the post here because I’m going to put a picture on it.

So Loyd tagged me a while ago and I’m finally tagging back. The challenge of this particular tag is to post the fourth photo of your fourth photo album. This is harder that it might sound because I’m not exactly sure what my fourth photo album is. I’ve had digital photographs pretty much since there was such a thing, so my fourth album ever would be pretty old. The only problem is that my really old pictures aren’t really organized into albums at all. All of my pictures from before my mission are basically just lumped together into one folder of old photos. So I kind of had some subjectivity in deciding what I would consider my fourth album. I might come up with a different answer the next time I’m asked to count a certain number of albums from the beginning.

So, this is the fourth picture from (what might be) my fourth photo album ever:

That is my brother Troy (in the foreground) and me (in the background) looking at his VW Jetta. I think the picture is from August 2002, and we’re at an auto show in Denver. I don’t remember the details, but somehow Troy got his car put on display at the show. It looks like I’m either arranging or disarranging the flyers in the window. I don’t know what they are flyers for.

As a bonus (or another lie, depending on how you look at it), here’s another photo from that same event:

That’s Troy and me in an inflatable boxing ring carrying on our eternal struggle for dominance and awesomeness.