So the TV show Heroes is a huge disappointment that I could write a ton about. Seriously, I’ve got a list. I think the show and the characters have such huge potential, but it’s a potential that it never lives up to. But like the sucker I am I just keep watching it anyway, hoping in vain that the writers will do something that doesn’t piss me off.

So season 4 has mostly been a lot of build-up and let-down, but there were two good things about the season finale.

The first was Sylar’s nightmare. They’ve done a lot of toying with the idea of Sylar turning good, and I think the way they finally did it is perfect. Well, almost perfect. I probably could have done without all of the cheesy dying-alone stuff earlier in the season, but it resolved well. It basically gives the show an instant turn-around of the character, while still making it as believable as if Sylar had actually been imprisoned for five years.

The second good thing was Peter. They’ve been screwing up Peter’s character for 3 years now, never quite letting him be the hero that the first season built him up to be. So, even though I wish Peter would get his powers back, I did like that he came in and fought Samuel. It’s about time they had a good show-down like that between Peter and the bad guy.

See, this is what the show does to me. It gives me an awful season and just a couple of good things to keep me hoping that the show will start getting better. I know I’m still hoping in vain, but I can’t help watching the show any more than the writers can help screwing it up.