Equal Partners


I figure that since I posted my Mother’s Day talk from two years ago, I’d better post last year’s right away or I’ll put it off for another year. I’ll save you a long intro to this since I already share getting suckered into it two years in a row right at the beginning of the talk (along with a lot of ad-libbed nonsense, as I recall, but I’ll spare you that as well and just stick with what my notes said).

Here’s my 2011 talk. (more…)

Mother in Heaven


Tomorrow will be the first Mother’s Day since we moved to Washington that I have not been asked to speak in church. Pretty crazy, right?

This is the talk that I gave in church two years ago on Mother’s Day. I’ve wanted to post it online since I first gave it, but I was always too lazy to get my draft synced up with my notes so that I could cite my sources. After enough time passed it started to seem silly to post it, but I thought that reposting it for Mother’s Day this year might make it appropriate again.

Sorry that it’s too late for anyone that’s speaking this year to use my notes, but hopefully that also means that it’s too late for the bishopric to try to spring a last-minute talk on me when they are reminded that they let me off the hook this year.

So, here’s my talk from 2010. (more…)

I’m a Mormon


I wrote my profile about a year ago when I was starting my new job and I wasn’t sure how open I should be about my religion at work. It turns out that no one really cares much one way or the other, but it was good for me to write it. It turns out that I really like just being able to be open about who I am regardless of the circumstances.

Even though I wrote this a while ago, I don’t really have it posted or linked to anywhere. Since that website seems to be picking up speed, I figure that it’s probably time to share my profile so that people can find me on there if they’re so inclined.

So here it is: I’m Bryant, and I’m a Mormon.

Crying in Church


I’m sitting in church and your child starts crying. I know that you’re trying to hush the kid, or even trying to give him/her what he/she wants, but the child keeps crying. And you keep sitting there trying to make the kid stop crying. Why are you still sitting there? Just get up! You can try to make your kid stop crying in the hallway or foyer or whatever. I know you probably don’t want to miss the meeting if you have to get up, but the rest of us don’t want to miss it either.

Worst Place


I think I just gave the worst sacrament meeting talk that’s ever been given. Well, maybe not the very worst ever, because at least I didn’t say that Jesus couldn’t do anything himself because he didn’t have a body. I guess mine was the second worst ever. I’m trying to look on the bright side, though. Kelly suggests that maybe this experience will help me be more empathetic towards other people who look like bumbling idiots at the pulpit, but I think that the real silver lining is that the bishopric will think twice before asking me to speak again.

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