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I thought about calling this post “iCrap” or something like that, but do I really need to come up with a parody to make fun of that name? I think the official name is enough of a joke that I shouldn’t have to bother.

My biggest complaint about the iPad is just that it’s a disappointment. I’m a huge fan of tablet PCs. I’m on my second convertible tablet, and I don’t think I’d ever want to buy a normal notebook again after getting used to the tablet. So, when the rumors of Apple’s tablet started I was excited to see what they’d come up with. And now after all of the build-up, when they finally announce their device, I look at it and what I see is not a tablet computer at all, but a giant iPhone. I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked.

I’ve found it kind of surprising that Apple didn’t jump into the tablet market sooner than now. Macs have a reputation of being perfect for artists, and whether that’s still well-deserved or if it’s just a hold-over from when their competitive operating systems were uglier, Apple still has an image as an artist’s computer. I’m sure Apple is aware of this reputation and loves it, and it seems like they’ve spent their advertising money to maintain that image. Even if Apple doesn’t target artists specifically with their recent advertising, they definitely target people who are artsy. The vendors of computing tools for artists support this image, too, as Adobe and Macromedia always made their software first for the Mac, and WACOM even made their external drawing tablets match the look of the Macintosh G4. So wouldn’t it have been natural for Apple to take that image and make a tablet PC that was actually tailored to these artists that flock to their company, and that are already using tablet equipment for drawing on their computers?

Instead of a tablet PC tailored to artists, with pressure-sensitive pens for drawing in the programs that already run on their operating system, Apple opts not to make a Macintosh tablet at all, but instead releases the iPad: a touch-screen built for use with the fingers that runs the iPhone operating system. They’ll try to make you feel excited about the fact that it will run all of the apps that have been built for the iPhone, but what you should really notice is that it won’t run the apps that are built for OS X, including all of the artist-oriented software that would have been great with a tablet PC, like Photoshop. Not that you’ll actually miss Photoshop on the iPad, because even if it ran OS X the screen isn’t pressure sensitive, so drawing on it would still feel like finger-painting.

Apple calls the iPad, “Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device….” Is that a little too optimistic for a device that’s just a big version of a device they’ve already had for years?

iTunes doesn’t sell music


Kelly and I just drove past FYE and they’re running a sale where all CD’s are $9.99.

“About time,” I say, pointing the sign out to Kelly.  “They’re finally as cheap as iTunes.”

Kelly sees the sign and says, “$9.99?!  We should go in there.”

“Why?  It’s the same price as iTunes.”

“Yeah,” reveals my brilliant and beautiful wife, “but at least you own a CD, instead of iTunes just letting you borrow it.”

Dramatic?  Perhaps.  But think about what it really means for you to “buy” a song from iTunes.

When you buy a song on iTunes you can play it in iTunes or on your iPod.  You can’t play it on your Zune or Xbox or Nomad.  You can’t play it on your phone unless it’s an iPhone.  You can’t play it in WinAmp or Windows Media Player or any program on Linux.  Basically you can only use it where and how Apple Computer, Inc. says that you can use it.  You can use it only on their devices and software.

It isn’t your song.  It’s their song.  You didn’t buy it from them at all.  You just rented it.  If you’re really nice and do what you’re told they might let you use it sometime.

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