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Weaponized Bus Pass


Have you ever been sitting on a bus while a long line of people boarding walks past you and wondered which one of them is being used as a biological weapon that will kill all of you?

Well if not, then you probably don’t watch enough Fringe.



I remember waiting for the bus in Salt Lake one day while a bag lady with a shopping cart was making her way down the sidewalk. Her shopping cart was so full of cargo that things would fall out every few feet and she’d have to stop to pick them up.

I must have muttered something like “that sucks” out loud, because the man standing next to me at the bus stop answered me:

“Choices,” he said, as though correcting me.

At first I honestly thought that maybe he knew the lady or her story so that he could say something like that, but it only took a moment to realize that it was just his opinion of the homeless. I was bothered that he had said it, but I said nothing.

I still regret not going to help her put her things back in the cart.

Not a turn-friendly zone


What does San Francisco have against left turns? It seems like every street we’d cross while we were there prohibited left-hand turns. I understand the ones that are one-way streets, and I appreciate the sign helping me not get killed by an oncoming bus. But what about all of the other streets? What’s their excuse? It’s like this city just has something against ambi-turners. You’d think that a city that’s so accepting of people swinging both ways would be more tolerant of those of us who like to turn both ways.

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