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iTunes doesn’t sell music


Kelly and I just drove past FYE and they’re running a sale where all CD’s are $9.99.

“About time,” I say, pointing the sign out to Kelly.  “They’re finally as cheap as iTunes.”

Kelly sees the sign and says, “$9.99?!  We should go in there.”

“Why?  It’s the same price as iTunes.”

“Yeah,” reveals my brilliant and beautiful wife, “but at least you own a CD, instead of iTunes just letting you borrow it.”

Dramatic?  Perhaps.  But think about what it really means for you to “buy” a song from iTunes.

When you buy a song on iTunes you can play it in iTunes or on your iPod.  You can’t play it on your Zune or Xbox or Nomad.  You can’t play it on your phone unless it’s an iPhone.  You can’t play it in WinAmp or Windows Media Player or any program on Linux.  Basically you can only use it where and how Apple Computer, Inc. says that you can use it.  You can use it only on their devices and software.

It isn’t your song.  It’s their song.  You didn’t buy it from them at all.  You just rented it.  If you’re really nice and do what you’re told they might let you use it sometime.



Tyler and I went up to Brighton to go skiing today. Now, I know that you’re thinking, “It’s only October; the ski resorts aren’t open yet.” Well, that’s true: they’re not, but we did go up there and there was a lot of snow (driving back it was almost white-out on top of the mountain). The lifts weren’t open, but there were some rails set up at the base that we could just hike up to. Here’s a picture of Tyler hitting a rail, so that you can be jealous of how great the snow was (I don’t put pictures of myself because I suck at it).
At first we were hitting this big, tall, wide rail that had a pretty nice kicker built up to it, which was nice (especially for a beginner like me). We assumed that the rails were set up by Brighton, but when I said this to someone a guy came up and told me that it was his rail, and that he’d set it up. We didn’t know, so we then asked if it was cool that we rode it, and he told us no, and went off on this big rant about how people shouldn’t come up to the mountain and just expect to be able to ski without bringing anything up to contribute. I think it was lame that he wouldn’t let us ride it, but it was his rail, so that’s his business. The part that was particularly annoying was that there were about 20 random snowboarders around that didn’t even know the guy or that he had set the rail up, and the guy was totally cool with them hitting it. I think he was just discriminating against us because we’re skiers.

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