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Fire Creek unleashed


A long time ago in a valley far far away, I got to be an extra in a movie called Fire Creek. Some of my friends went with: Roy, Becca, and of course Tyler, who got the imaginary crap beat out of him.

Despite it having been 4 years ago this month, they finally decided to release it. I don’t know if we’re still in it or if they cut that scene or if they just had to start over because they took so long making it, but I want to go see it just in case.

Fire Creek


Tyler and I were in a movie this week. Well, mostly Tyler.

We went to be extras in BYU’s first feature film, which is to be called Fire Creek. I don’t know all of the details of what the movie is about, but this week they were filming a boxing tournament, and they needed extras to play the spectators at the boxing match, so that’s what we did. At first.

They wanted to show one of the boxers with a broken nose, to kind of give the feeling of how badly hurt someone can get (one of the main characters gets trounced pretty badly). Tyler volunteered and they made him up pretty nicely. It looked so good, in fact, that the director decided not to just show him with the broken nose, but to show it happening.

So Tyler got pitted up against this big Polynesian guy. The guy kind of tackled Tyler and got in a few shots to the face before the referee could pull him off. Then Tyler was pulled back onto a stool in his corner where a skilled actor (me) played his buddy who tried to clean off the blood. Tyler wouldn’t let him touch it (despite the buddy’s pleas to help clean him up), but demanded to know if it was broken, which his coach admitted that it was.

We had lines and everything. It was exciting. I have a few pictures of Tyler in action.

Catch Phrase


Troy and I went downtown (Denver) to Two-Fisted Mario’s. I guess I haven’t been down there for a while, but I was turned around when we got out of the car, and I started walking in the wrong direction. Troy called me, and then I was looking around for which way to go, and then I was in the middle of the street running around in circles when a minivan came by and I jumped onto the side of it as it drove by and hit it. The driver stopped and backed up, then got out of the car. He was all upset and said, “Hey, don’t hit my car,” and I was like, “Well you almost hit me!” and then he’s like, “Dude, don’t freak out just because your hair is pink.”

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