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Number 7


From sunrise to sunset? Exactly how much do you think I play video games? I can’t even remember the last time I played while the sun was up.



It’s 10:15pm, and I just woke up an hour ago.
I couldn’t sleep last night, so I ended up staying up all night playing X-men. Then when I got home from church I fell asleep. I slept all day.
I don’t know how to recover from this. What if my sleep schedule is now permanently up-side down?

Proposal for Internet Laws


I read today about a man in Japan that was arrested (in real life) because he cheated in a video game.
Apparently we’re setting some kind of trend where virtual crimes can be punished in the real world. As long as that’s where we’re heading, I’ve composed a list of laws that need to be understood about any virtual activity.

  1. If there are items on the ground in a video game, to pick them up is stealing.
  2. Killing someone in a video game is murder.
  3. Killing someone on your team is treason.
  4. Picking to play on the side of the Germans or Russians in a video game is also treason.
  5. Development of a game where you can play as the Germans or Russians is considered an act of war against the US.
  6. The games “Grand Theft Auto” and “Thief” are completely illegal. The publishers and vendors will be prosecuted for entrapment.
  7. A computer virus is considered a biological weapon, and the creation of a virus will be prosecuted at an international level as the development of weapons of mass destruction.
  8. If your computer gets a virus you will be quarantined from the Internet (to prevent you from spreading it by your ignorance).
  9. Online dating services that charge for membership will be guilty of running a prostitution racket.
  10. You must have a license to operate an email account. If you cannot forward responsibly, then your email privileges will be forcibly revoked.
  11. Web pages cannot make noises or play music unless the user requests it by pressing a button. Web pages that automatically play music upon being visited will be prosecuted for disturbing the peace, and the Web pages will be impounded.



It’s come to my attention recently that I have an addictive personality. I’m not 100% sure that’s the right way to say that, because it makes it sound like my personality has qualities that get people addicted to it (which may be contrary to reality). What I really mean is that I’m easily addicted to things.
My most recent addiction is an XBox game called Knights of the Old Republic II. It’s a Star Wars role-playing game. I got it for Christmas but I didn’t really play it much once I got back to school. Then last week I was sittin’ at home alone and felt like playing a game, so I put it in, and I was hooked. I get so wrapped up in the storyline from it that I start to forget (or hope?) that it’s not real and that it’s just a video game.
So I’m fasting from the game today because I think if I don’t get this under control that I’m going to start using my Franklin planner to schedule what levels I’m going to beat instead of important things, like homework and classes.


I got a new computer! Well, my work did, but its for me. Its a P4 3.6GHz, 148GB disk, and I got this 19″ monitor. I’m so installing Doom 3 on it, now. It even smells good.

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