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Once upon a time Jason was about to blog about Trevor, the pet fish. (I’m reluctant to call him Jason’s pet fish, because that would seem to take sides in Jason and Ronnie‘s perpetual argument about who loved Trevor more.) While Jason was writing his blog post, I whipped up a quick Flash animation of Trevor being playful/vicious. Jason graciously accepted my contribution and linked to the animation on his blog post.

(Back then I hadn’t learned to use the word “cute” except in mockery, but since my friend Ryan found out that it’s OK for married men to use the word, I’ve been trying to learn it. I’m still no expert, but by my unprofessional reckoning, Jason’s post is pretty cute. Any experts can confirm or deny that.)

In any case, back then Blogger didn’t let you upload things (and they might not still let you upload a Flash file), so I uploaded the animation to my own server so Jason could just link to it.

Many generations passed. Blogs died and other blogs took their places. Trevor himself went the way of all the duck pond in order to save Ronnie’s and my souls from Yahtzee (but that’s a story for another time).

Then, one day (as in this Wednesday), I decided to post an animation I made. Of course, this reminded me of my quickly, but lovingly, made animation of Trevor. But alas, the link no longer worked and the animation was not to be found in all of the Internets.

Until now!

Sorry, either Adobe flash is not installed or you do not have it enabled

(Yes, all of that long post was just to explain that I’m posting this animation again. And Jason’s link works again, too.)

Buzz Will Work


So if you have a Gmail account you probably noticed last week that Google added a new feature: Buzz. It’s basically Google’s version of Facebook’s version of Twitter. It’s nothing new or exciting, just a new implementation of someone else’s idea.

The really new and exciting part of Google Buzz actually happened this morning, one week after Buzz was launched: My friend Jason started following me on it.

Jason’s like a barometer for how successful technology is, mostly because he’s so resistant to it. His work had to give him a pager to get a hold of him because he didn’t yet have a cell phone when he graduated from college and got a job. That’s why when he eventually got a blog, joined Facebook, and even bought an iPhone, we knew those things were hits.

So, really, I don’t know if Jason is going to actually use Buzz because it gets set up automatically by your Gmail account and you automatically start following your Gmail contacts. But of course, I think that’s exactly why it’s going to work. Jason and other people like him that would probably never bother with fads like Twitter will use Buzz because it’s built in to something that they’re already using.

When Google came out with Google Talk I wrote a short-sighted post about how it was such a bad idea because everyone was already well established with their favorite chat programs. I thought a new chat program wouldn’t succeed because there would be no reason for anyone to switch away from the chat service where all of their friends are in favor of a new one with no users and (at the time) no better features. Time has proven me wrong. What I didn’t foresee was that Google would add it to Gmail and overnight make it so that I had more friends on Google Talk than I had on any other chat service. Now it’s the chat service that I prefer.

I think it’ll be the same for Google Buzz. Buzz isn’t anything really new, but it will work anyway. It will work because everyone will use it. Everyone will use it because they already use Gmail.

Pumpkin King and the Monsters


We had the latest Jason and Ronnie presents party this week. We did an open-mic night on our homemade stage. Our band, the Pumpkin King, had its debut performance there, too. It was fun that everyone cheered us on even though we suck (or because of it?).
Last night I also got the chance to see Big Head Todd and the Monsters perform a little free show in SLC. I decided that they’re my heros, and not just because they’re the most famous thing without guns to ever come out of my hometown. These guys are probably around 40 years old, and they’ve been a band since high school. It’s like they’ve never had to have a real job. I think if Project Sugarhouse works out then I’ll be able to go around playing in a band and not have to worry if we don’t have any talent, because the Project’ll pay the bills.

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