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Crying in Church


I’m sitting in church and your child starts crying. I know that you’re trying to hush the kid, or even trying to give him/her what he/she wants, but the child keeps crying. And you keep sitting there trying to make the kid stop crying. Why are you still sitting there? Just get up! You can try to make your kid stop crying in the hallway or foyer or whatever. I know you probably don’t want to miss the meeting if you have to get up, but the rest of us don’t want to miss it either.

A sunbeam


Late last night after we’d run out of potatoes (details forthcoming) Tyler, Casey and I were sitting on the stage (a.k.a., Castle Grayskull) drinking slurpees, when my thoughts turned to my life ambitions. I asked Casey if he would respect me less if I had a mohawk, and without hesitating he said “I’d respect you more.” And that’s how I made up my mind.
“That’s all it takes?” Tyler said as we ran up the stairs to find some clippers. “I’ve been telling you for weeks that you should stop worrying about it and just do it.” I told him that it clearly takes more than one person to qualify as peer pressure. He’s since objected to that explanation, too, claiming that it doesn’t count as peer pressure since I had to ask them to approve it. I’m sticking with peer pressure.
Here’s some documentation.
Today when I went to the zoo I noticed that it’s a lot easier to make friends with little kids because they love to stare at me.

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