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iTunes doesn’t sell music


Kelly and I just drove past FYE and they’re running a sale where all CD’s are $9.99.

“About time,” I say, pointing the sign out to Kelly.  “They’re finally as cheap as iTunes.”

Kelly sees the sign and says, “$9.99?!  We should go in there.”

“Why?  It’s the same price as iTunes.”

“Yeah,” reveals my brilliant and beautiful wife, “but at least you own a CD, instead of iTunes just letting you borrow it.”

Dramatic?  Perhaps.  But think about what it really means for you to “buy” a song from iTunes.

When you buy a song on iTunes you can play it in iTunes or on your iPod.  You can’t play it on your Zune or Xbox or Nomad.  You can’t play it on your phone unless it’s an iPhone.  You can’t play it in WinAmp or Windows Media Player or any program on Linux.  Basically you can only use it where and how Apple Computer, Inc. says that you can use it.  You can use it only on their devices and software.

It isn’t your song.  It’s their song.  You didn’t buy it from them at all.  You just rented it.  If you’re really nice and do what you’re told they might let you use it sometime.

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius


I listened to the Forrest Gump soundtrack the other day and I’ve had the Age of Aquarius song stuck in my head. While I was trying to find a place to listen to the song today, I read a little bit about it. Apparently it’s from some hippie musical called Hair, and then was later released as a pop song by the 5th Dimension. And, contrary to popular references (including my own three sentences ago) the song is just called “Aquarius”, not “Age of Aquarius”. Whatever, right?

Here’s the interesting thing: Apparently there is some discord among astrologers about when the age of Aquarius really begins, but the first lines of the song lyrics give their own measurement for when it begins: “When the Moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars”. According to Wikipedia this alignment will really happen on Feb. 14, 2009.
So, whatever the heck the age of Aquarius is, it starts on this week on Valentine’s day. Weird, huh?

Chicago radio


We were in Chicago a few weeks ago for Stefroni‘s wedding, and everything was really wonderful. But that’s not what I’m posting about.

Chicago’s a big city, right? Well, as you would expect from a big city, there are a lot of radio stations. You can’t go more than two clicks on the dial without getting a new station. I’d say there’s about 800 FM radio stations around Chicagoland.

The part that surprised me is that only about 5 of those stations are devoted to popular music. I don’t mean popular music as in Brittany Spears and the Backstreet Boys, I mean mainstream music, including country and rap and everything. So, between these 5 radio stations they pretty much need to play all of the music that normal people would listen to. The other 795 stations in the area are split pretty evenly between Mexican ranchero music and talk radio.

Now if I had just 5 quality radio stations to choose from in an area that’d be plenty. The problem is, I don’t want to listen to just any mix of mainstream crap. I need a rock station. Kelly and I spent all weekend scanning the spectrum for any semplance of rock, and the oldies station was the only one we could find.

So, in conclusion, Chicago radio stations suck.

Nightmare Before Christmas


Tonight I bought the movie that has become my favorite: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love the music and the richness of the atmosphere, and recently I’ve come to love the theme of the movie.
The main character, Jack, is dealing with an emptiness in his life, and he goes through the same kind of search for meaning that a lot of real people deal with. During this, he stumbles upon Christmas Town, and becomes enamored with it. Jack says that he feels “the warmth that’s coming from inside”, and he has a hard time both understanding and explaining what he feels, but he at last decides that “just because [he] cannot see it doesn’t mean [he] can’t believe it.”
The beginning of the movie makes it obvious that there is a message about spirituality, mostly because the words that Jack uses to describe his experience are so typical of phrases used by people, especially Christians, of their spiritual awakenings. I was never quite sure what the story was trying to say about spirituality, however, since Jack makes such a mess of things in his excitement. I think I have it figured out now.
The message is about not taking religion to the point of fanaticism: Despite his spiritual experience, Jack is still the same person as he always was. Rather than completely changing who he is, his new spiritual side becomes a motivation for him to be better at living his normal life. I think that’s a good lesson. People don’t change their personalities when they become converted; they grow and become better, but they don’t become different people, and in the end the best application of their religion is in their daily lives, and not in fanatic replacements for their lives.

Bo Bice vs. Epitaph


I unsubscribed from the Epitaph newsletter tonight because they said that they hated Bo.


In case anyone was wondering how far away the MARB is, it’s three Alkaline songs from my apartment.

Last of Hudson River School


Here’s the event spotlight for this week:
Hudson River School, famous (inside of Provo) for their sweet emo rock and Mormon hymn covers, will be playing their last show “for quite some time” this Saturday (Nov. 13). Apparently they got some deal and they’re going to record a new record, so they’re not going to play live for a while.
So, if you’re into it, their show is Saturday at 7:00pm at the Lo-Fi Cafe. I’m not really sure where that is.


The best way to listen to ZZ Top is at 120 MPH at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Concert Tickets


A Chilean rock band from the 80′s is playing tonight in SLC. They’re called los Prisioneros. The only problem is that the show costs $25. Don’t you think that’s kind of a lot for an old band that you barely know and only because you served a mission in their country? Don’t they know that their whole fan base here is RM’s and that missionaries just come home and turn into college students which just turn into young married people which just turn into young parents. We only keep getting poorer and poorer as we get older, so how do they expect me to pay $25 for a concert? By my estimates, I won’t have money for that until I’m 60 and my kids have moved out, and by then the Prisioneros will be dead.


Tonight (Monday) through Wednesday you should stay up and watch Carson Daly on NBC, even though he’s lame, because Steriogram is going to be the house band. Three days only! But wait, if you act now….

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