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Do you ever have some show that Netflix recommended to you that you weren’t sure you were gonna like? Then you watch it just to give it a try and love it? Don’t you kind of debate giving it a lower rating just so Netflix can’t have the satisfaction of being right? “Ha, I’m only giving that four stars! See, Netflix? You don’t know me at all…”

Netflix Star Rating

Sort your Netflix queue


This is how you spend your afternoons if you’re a computer nerd.

After a while of adding things to your Netflix queue, it gets kind of long and overwhelming to try and pick what to watch next. I’ve thought before that it would be nice if it would let you sort your queue by how many stars it’s rated at. Then the things that I would¬†theoretically¬†enjoy most would be at the top of my list.

Well, since Netflix doesn’t have that feature, I decided to just add it myself. I wrote a user script for Google Chrome that will sort it for me. Basically it populates the “list order” box on the queue with it’s order by rating. Then if you click the button to update your queue, they’ll be sorted by rating.

If you’d like to try it out, you can click here to install it as an extension in Google Chrome. (You can use it in other browsers, too, but not with the simple one-click-install that Chrome uses.)

I realize it’s not the perfect user interface, but I did just make it for my own use. I actually get really excited about the ratings and Netflix’s predictions, so I might do more with this later. If nothing else, it’s pretty fun to see your stars all line up after it’s done.

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