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Being Stefani


This weekend Tyler stopped by for a few before his brother’s wedding reception. Aaron was over, too, and we were just sitting around chatting, and then the next thing I knew, I was waking up on the couch several hours later, and they were both gone. I’d fallen asleep in the middle of a conversation.
This surgery and the corresponding drugs make my sleeping habits drastly different. I can’t stay asleep because my leg always hurts, but I can’t stay awake because the drugs make me drowsy. During my first class last week I kept falling asleep, and I couldn’t help it. (When I woke up and asked the guy next to me what was going on, it seemed that no one that had been conscious understood anything either, so I don’t feel too bad about it.)
The point is, of course, that now I know how Stefani feels.

Number 7


From sunrise to sunset? Exactly how much do you think I play video games? I can’t even remember the last time I played while the sun was up.

Welcome back, Insomnia


I stayed up ridiculously late last night playing Halo 2, and then when I couldn’t sleep when we were done with that, I sat up longer and worked on a program (that was due a week ago). While I didn’t end up sleeping very much last night, it is nice to be back to my normal sleep patterns.
The lesson that we learn from this, of course, is that Halo is a cure for cancer and/or depression.

Doctor visit


I now weigh 203.5 lbs., on the doctor’s official scale. It just keeps going up.
I asked the doctor about how I’ve been sleeping a lot lately (14 hours is weird for me). I was hoping that I had mono, but he checked me out and thought it was more likely that I had either leukemia or depression. That’s lame. I don’t think either of those pay very well.



It’s 10:15pm, and I just woke up an hour ago.
I couldn’t sleep last night, so I ended up staying up all night playing X-men. Then when I got home from church I fell asleep. I slept all day.
I don’t know how to recover from this. What if my sleep schedule is now permanently up-side down?

On not sleeping


When I wake up in the morning I’m always tired and I hate getting up, no matter how early I went to bed the night before. I stay tired for about an hour or so, and then by the time I’m up and doing things, I’m not tired anymore.
The same thing happens when I don’t sleep. I get really tired in the early morning hours, around 7 am (which is really the earliest morning hours that exist for me, since times before that are part of my night schedule, not morning). Then by about 10 am, I’m not tired anymore, and I go about my day the same as I would normally, and the lack of sleep doesn’t even affect me.
Some people think that if you don’t sleep one night then the next night you’ll be so tired that you’ll just fall right asleep. Not so. Once your day starts and you get over being sleepy, then you’ve passed the point of no return. You’ve lost those sleep hours, and you can’t catch up on them by sleeping more the next night.
Despite all of these things against me, I have finally found the one thing that can make me fall asleep at any time, regardless of how much sleep I’ve already had:

The Pit


The springs on one side of our couch have all come disconnected and so that section of the couch has no support, but is just a sunken pit of fluffiness. It can be comfortable, but you kind of get stuck there.
The real danger of the pit is that things get lost in it. If something sits on that section of couch for too long it gets swallowed up by the pit, and you have to take the couch apart to get to it. I don’t mean taking the cushions off, because the pit goes deeper than that. You have to turn the couch upside down and take the bottom off. It’s eaten remote controls and cell phones, and now, people.
I fell asleep on the couch last night. It was comfortable, it’s just weird when you wake up inside the couch.


I have a cold. Or something. I don’t feel good. I slept until noon today, so I didn’t get anything done that I was supposed to. Oh, well. At least tomorrow is stake conference so I don’t have church until 2pm. That means I can sleep almost all day.

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