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Weaponized Bus Pass


Have you ever been sitting on a bus while a long line of people boarding walks past you and wondered which one of them is being used as a biological weapon that will kill all of you?

Well if not, then you probably don’t watch enough Fringe.


Tonight we were going down to the “hot pots”, which is some weird name for these hot springs down in Spanish Fork or something. We were supposed to drive exactly 10 miles down this road, but then exactly 7.5 miles down, the road was closed because of the construction of the Diamond Fork Tunnel. So after parading around naked for a few minutes we started to hear noises from the trees and, naturally assuming that it was a nudist cult of ecoterrorists come to bomb the tunnel for obstructing the path to the hot springs, we freaked out and got in the car and started to drive away. On the way back, however, we were further horrified by the street signs. The yellow diamond signs that normally mark the upcoming intersections had been modified by the nudist cult to include extra streets, forming satanic symbols of them in dripping black paint. We all started crying, and 3 of us wet our pants when we passed a deer standing by the side of the road, assuming (naturally) that it was one of the satanic creatures summoned by the cult. We were glad to see that the way back out of the canyon wasn’t block as it would have been if this had been something creepy out of the twilight zone (instead of something creepy out of real life).

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