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Star Trek censorship


Do you think in the Clean Flicks’ version of Star Trek they change his name to William Crappedner?

A Bad Week for Poetry


I’m not an expert on poetry or anything, but I do like poetry. I even took a poetry class in high school (that I’ve mostly forgotten). I just want it understood that I’m not a poetry-hater before I say what needs to be said.

About that poetry after Obama’s speech on Tuesday: it sucked.
Ok, I don’t really know if the poem itself sucked, because it was so boring that I have no idea what the heck the poem was even about. It might be a perfectly good and thought-provoking poem when read on paper. I don’t really know. Either the poem sucked, or the delivery sucked, but something definitely sucked.
Wouldn’t you be trying to get some kind of message across in a political poem? Well what good is your message if no one can stand listening to you read it? Did the author really need to give a two-second-long pause between every word of the poem? She should have just had Captain Kirk read it. At least his uncomfortably-long-pauses are spaced out enough to make it seem dramatic. Seriously, I couldn’t even pay attention to her long enough to hear a whole sentence, let alone to understand what the poem was about. If they really needed that poem to be read after Obama’s speech then they should have just typed it into a Speak & Spell and I think it’d be easier to understand.
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