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I’m a Mormon


I wrote my profile about a year ago when I was starting my new job and I wasn’t sure how open I should be about my religion at work. It turns out that no one really cares much one way or the other, but it was good for me to write it. It turns out that I really like just being able to be open about who I am regardless of the circumstances.

Even though I wrote this a while ago, I don’t really have it posted or linked to anywhere. Since that website seems to be picking up speed, I figure that it’s probably time to share my profile so that people can find me on there if they’re so inclined.

So here it is: I’m Bryant, and I’m a Mormon.



I work in downtown Seattle these days, and I’m constantly surrounded by homeless people. I don’t know if there is more homelessness here than in other cities, but it’s definitely ever-present. I see these people every day, and they’re always on my mind.

I think one of the reasons that it’s so heart-breaking for me is that it seems like a problem without a solution. I don’t know how to help these people.┬áSo many of them are riddled with mental or physical disease, that I don’t feel like the few bucks that I could spare for any individual could possibly help them dig themselves out of their hole, even if they are in the right mind enough to use it wisely.

I wish I knew of some reliable charitable organization, something that seemed like it was actually making a difference. Maybe there’s something that at least consistently relieves the suffering of these people, even if making a difference in solving the problem itself is an impossible task. Maybe you have a suggestion of what I should do to help.

So, because I don’t know what else to do, and because I’m constantly worried about them, I’m going to write on my blog about it. I had started writing some stories in this post to explain how I feel, but it quickly started getting too long to read. So instead I’ve taken out the stories and I’ll post them separately over the next few days.



This morning I shaved my beard into a moustache. When I got to work and my boss called me into his office to help him with something, he looked at me a little bit puzzled, and then asked if I’d gotten a haircut. I grinned and said yes. I did, in fact, get a haircut yesterday.

Then Garrett looked up from what he was doing (also helping Jon) and laughed, pointing out that it was Moustache May.

Jon looked at me again, this time noticing the moustache, but still confused as to what was new. “Oh, yeah, you had a full beard yesterday. I knew something was different but I couldn’t figure out what it was.”

This might not be that funny on its own, but I mostly like it because I predicted that exact response last night.

30 year plan


Ben’s dad got us an interview to re-make his company’s Web site. AudioDig hasn’t yet had a lot of clients, so we were pretty excited and nervous, but I think it actually went well. So with any luck we’ll have an actual paying job soon, and then I won’t sound like a liar when I tell people that I have my own Web design company.

Ransom Reversal


Jessica, the secretary at work, has this bowl on her desk in which she occasionally puts candy. It’s been a few weeks since she’s had any, so Roy and I took the bowl, and gave her a note that read (more or less) as follows:

If you ever want to see your bowl again, you will leave candy at this location on your desk. Do not contact the police or the administration.
Signed, NOT Roy & NOT Bryant

While I can’t be sure that she didn’t tell our boss, I’m pretty sure that the police haven’t gotten involved yet. Well she put some candy out, but it was just barely a handful, so I think the bowlnappers just took the candy and didn’t give the bowl back.
So today we looked in the cabinet where we had hid the bowl, and it was gone.
As far as I can see, the only solutions are that either (1) someone stole it from the cabinet, in which case we’ve actually lost it, or (2) Jessica or an accomplish went through our cubicle while we were at lunch yesterday and took the bowl back. Since (1) is pretty unlikely, considering that I work at BYU, we’ve assumed (2). I’m sure what they want us to do is to go and confess that we lost the bowl so that they can make us feel silly for taking it. We’ll show them.

A Hope for Normal Conditions


We went to lunch early today, and its a good thing that we did, because it started melteding pretty hard as soon as we got back. I think its worked its way into frozening. I hope it at leasts normals in the mountains, but it would be fun if we got some normal here, too.
Brighton opens tomorrow. Are they the first? Well, I’m excited. I’m torn about what to do with my money this season, though. I really liked the Brighton night pass that I had last year; that worked out pretty well. It costs $250. I think the rumor about Sundance puts a mid-week pass at $130 or something like that, which is much more in my price range, but then there’s no night skiing and probably no Ben, which for sure would slow down my improvement rate. A real pass (even for students) to Brighton is about $500. I need to sell a Web site or something.


The main page for the project that I do for BYU is finished, and today we were trying to figure out how to get the domain name pointed to it correctly, but we got it and the page is official as of today. I’ve been working on a module that sorts the images into galleries, and I finished the part that allowed a random image from the gallery to be displayed. I was uploading this just as my boss was sending out the announcement that the web site was done. You, there are several files and changes to the database that happen while I’m uploading a modification, so the web site looks screwed up for probably 2 minutes while I’m uploading things. These, of course, were the exact two minutes in which the dean of the college received the email and looked at the web page. Drama ensued.


The secretary at work told me I have to use headphones when I’m listening to music. My life is so hard.


I got a new computer! Well, my work did, but its for me. Its a P4 3.6GHz, 148GB disk, and I got this 19″ monitor. I’m so installing Doom 3 on it, now. It even smells good.


I’m using a Mac right now. I know, but don’t freak out. See, we have this machine here at work for testing if our apps work on the Mac, but nobody ever uses it (partly ’cause the programmers don’t care about the Mac, and partly because we have a limited number of working jacks to the internet). So, our secretary never actually comes in (I’m glad that’s not just me, either) so I stole his internet connection and hooked it up to this Mac so that I could listen to the radio while I’m programming. I mean, uh, so I could test my applications!

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