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Once upon a time Jason was about to blog about Trevor, the pet fish. (I’m reluctant to call him Jason’s pet fish, because that would seem to take sides in Jason and Ronnie‘s perpetual argument about who loved Trevor more.) While Jason was writing his blog post, I whipped up a quick Flash animation of Trevor being playful/vicious. Jason graciously accepted my contribution and linked to the animation on his blog post.

(Back then I hadn’t learned to use the word “cute” except in mockery, but since my friend Ryan found out that it’s OK for married men to use the word, I’ve been trying to learn it. I’m still no expert, but by my unprofessional reckoning, Jason’s post is pretty cute. Any experts can confirm or deny that.)

In any case, back then Blogger didn’t let you upload things (and they might not still let you upload a Flash file), so I uploaded the animation to my own server so Jason could just link to it.

Many generations passed. Blogs died and other blogs took their places. Trevor himself went the way of all the duck pond in order to save Ronnie’s and my souls from Yahtzee (but that’s a story for another time).

Then, one day (as in this Wednesday), I decided to post an animation I made. Of course, this reminded me of my quickly, but lovingly, made animation of Trevor. But alas, the link no longer worked and the animation was not to be found in all of the Internets.

Until now!

Sorry, either Adobe flash is not installed or you do not have it enabled

(Yes, all of that long post was just to explain that I’m posting this animation again. And Jason’s link works again, too.)

Abridged Atlas Shrugged


For a long time I’ve been trying to get my friends to read a book called Atlas Shrugged so that it could change their lives and they could be as big of assholes as me (at least for a little while). Well, during most of said long time I hadn’t even finished reading the book myself, seeing as it’s the biggest, longest, most-smallest-print book ever made. So, for the same reason, most of my friends won’t read it — except the truely die hard, like Jason and Ronnie.
Jason, however, will never read the last chapter because our false god told him not to, so he found a solution to all of our problems: The Abridged Atlas Shrugged!

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