I should have either done more work on this, or posted it a long time ago.

It was more than a year ago when I got my laser eye surgery. For a few days afterwards my eyes were really sensitive, so I couldn’t really do anything that I would normally spend my time on. I couldn’t read, watch TV, use the computer, or go outside in daylight. So, down in our basement-sweet-basement, I used some Stikfa action figures that my brother Troy gave me and made my first stop-motion animation.

I had meant to touch up the timing or add sound effects on this, but I stopped working on it and never really started again. So it here it is, as done as it’s probably going to get:

I’m not really happy with the quality that YouTube shows it in. It seems more¬†pixel-lated¬†than how I had uploaded it. But I guess that’s the best you can expect for free, huh?